Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our Wedding Blog!


Ryan and I have set up our wedding blog to keep everyone posted and informed! It just makes it so much easier!

Thanks to everyone who has been following my mom's blog- prayersfordoreen! She is our hero and inspiration! Please continue to follow her story and keep her in your prayers!

I hope to get some pictures up and songs going! Thanks again and God bless every single one of you!

Love to all,
Ryan and Hillary ( the future Mottern's)


  1. Hi Sis and Ry! I can't wait for the two of you to get married and enjoy this next's so much fun! It's been fun watching the two of you date and now be engaged. Thanks for starting this wedding blog, so great!!! Love you both and can't wait until Ryan is my actual brother-in-law! Brooke

  2. If you aren't the cutest thing! Glad you started this blog so I can keep up with you and Nat and all the others! Sharlette

  3. Yay! I love it! I can NOT wait until your wedding. And until then I plan to stalk, I mean, follow you on here.

    About the car- I could probably offer you a pink electric Barbie car from the Burns garage. It's a couple of years old so I think that counts as vintage. No? Bummer. I totally thought I had solved all of your problems.

    Love you, Lars!