Monday, June 15, 2009

Bridal Portraits!

Hi everyone!

Brooke posted on mom's blog a little bit about my bridal portraits...
We went to Philbrook Museum with my photographer Andrea Murphy! She is soooo incredible, so talented...she definitely has an art for photography! I encourage you to go to to check out not only bridal portraits but maternity, engagements, family shots, etc. They are alllll beautiful! I would post my link of my bridal portraits but Ryan would definitely sneek his way to the website as well....sorry!

Natalie (White) Renfrow did my hair and it was absolutely GORGEOUS! As one of my girl-friends put it, "You looked like a Greek Goddess" hahah! Thanks Chels! My hair was up in a messy, but elegant twist, with curls....if that makes any sense at all??? :) Natalie is soooo wonderful to do my hair and she is like another sister to me! Love u Nat!

Mom had such a fun time! My Aunt Ramona drove her up to Tulsa that day so she could be there with me along with Brooke and is just the most incredible museum...If you are ever bored and can travel to Tulsa, go to the Philbrook Museum....It is breathtaking!

Today June 15th, Brooke and Claire met me at my florist's house, Lindi (check out One of my bridal pics is on there....Lindi is sooo awesome and does such incredible work...She is also a graphic designer and is doing my invitations...That's what we worked on today! She is going to make them look soooo perfect!

Things are coming along - Its hard planning a wedding!!! :)

***I was going to get the word out there....If anyone knows of someone who has an old classic car that would be neat to use as a "get-away" car for us on our wedding day, please leave me a comment so I can start looking/asking around! The valet place I'm using has an old '57 Bentley but it's pretty pricey to rent so I was trying to "borrow" one!!! hahahaha :) We'll only need it to take us to the hotel....Let me know!

I'll keep everyone updated...Send me some posts with advice/ideas...Have a great day!

Love to all,
Hillary (& Ryan) :)


  1. Hey Hill,

    So excited for you. It all sounds like you are having so much fun in prep for the wedding. Hey, I'm sure you'll have lots of offers for the classic car, but remember Dad has the classic 56 chevy that's in mint condition. I'm sure he would be honored to let YOU of all people borrow it. Anyway, keep that in mind, if needed. I'm soooooooooooooooooo happy for you!!!!
    God bless,

  2. Just saw the picture of you on the florist's website...SOOO Pretty! You look amazing! Don't let Ryan see that's bad luck! ;)

  3. Nat is pretty talented isn't she? Your hair looked gorgeous...

  4. i'm so excited! can't wait! love you!

  5. Yay! I love that you have a blog and can't wait to hear all about your wedding! You guys are too precious and sweet :) You bridal portraits are gorgeous- of course!!!

  6. LOVE YOU TOO!!! I am getting very excited about the big day. LOL, and I LOVE your Snowy River song pick! I loved that movie!